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beretta 92a1
The Mighty Beretta 92A1!

Concealment is one of the basic skills that every aspiring hunter should learn. It is prohibited that you leave your gun out in the open when you are heading to your shooting or hunting area.

There are many types of weaponry concealment. If you have a handgun, the best option you can opt for is the Beretta 92a1 holsters.

  These holsters we will be reviewing are especially made to fit a Beretta 92a1. 

Best Beretta 92a1 Holsters

Desantis Thumb Break Scabbard Holster

 Editor’s Choice 

Desantis Thumb Break Scabbard Holster fits Beretta 92-A1

This concealed carry holster is made in the USA, and is specifically made for a Beretta 92a1. This tactical holster comes in black and is for right-hand use. The Beretta 92a1 holster is positioned at an angle that is optimum for drawing, enabling you to have easy access to it when you need it.
The Desantis holster has a thumb break, adjustable retention and is molded to fit your Beretta 92A1. It is high quality, conceals well and is very secure.

Other features this Desantis Holster has:

  • It is made in USA with excellent craftsmanship
  • The holster can fit around belts that are 1 3/4 inches wide
  • It is made from high-quality leather material, which can last for years
  • The holster is purposely made for Beretta 92AQ
  • The white stitches complement the black leather, making up a good design

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  • The tension can be adjusted through the tension screw
  • Perfectly-tailored holster for Beretta 92a1
  • The leather is comfortable to wear and secures the gun in place
  • The leather doesn’t lose color
  • Allows smooth and safe draws


  • This holster for Beretta 92a1 is very tight upon arrival
  • For right-handed gun owners only

Fobus Pistol Case Paddle Holster

This Beretta 92a1 holster is made from mold injected material that is a polymer. This holster is also built with a pouch that can conceal two gun magazines.

Fobus Pistol Case Paddle Holster

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The following are the features of this Fobus Holster:

  • The holster fits Beretta PX4 Storm Full size,Compact,Sub-Compact,Type F,SD, Inox,
  • The item comes with 100% life time warranty
  • This holster is also tailored for M9,92A1 & 96A1,96 Vertec 40 cal.,
  • It is made from Polymer material, which is durable
  • Handguns like Beretta 90-Two .40 S&W,92FS,92 Compact 9mm can also be fitted in this holster
  • It comes with a double magazine pouch
  • The holster has passive retention system that makes sure that your handgun is not too loose nor tightly secured


  • This holster provides easy and quick draws
  • The holster is comfortable to wear
    it is made from Polymer material
  • Its passive retention system makes sure that the gun is secured in one place
    The double magazine pouch allows you to bring more ammo


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Falco Holsters – Beretta 92A1 Open Top Leather Belt Holster

Falco Holsters open top beretta holsterThis tactical holster is custom and hand-made specifically for Beretta 92A1. If you currently own a Beretta 92A1, you can’t go wrong with this holster.

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Other features this holster has:

  • It is made from the leather material
  • The 5 year limited warranty reassures the users that it will last for years
  • Its outer appearance is commendable
  • Perfect accommodates and secures a Beretta 92A1 like a glove
  • Originally made, stocks directly come from the producer


  • Premium leather was used in making this holster
  • The item ships internationally
  • The limited warranty lasts for 5 years
  • The impeccable craftsmanship contributes to its appearance
  • It is purposely tailored for Beretta 92A1 handguns
  • This item is hand-made


  • The holster is only for right-handed gun owners
  • Only available in brown

K Rounds Holster- Beretta 92a1 IWB Holster

K Rounds LLC beretta 92a1 holsterThis inside the waistband (IWB) concealed carry holster is unique because of its contour. This is because the makers of this holster also considered the shape of the human body for maximum comfort. Both hands can be used to withdraw the gun from the position of 4 o’clock on the belt for the right hand while 8 o’clock for the left-hand draw.

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Other features the IWB Traditional Beretta has:

  • The item is made from Kydex, which you can guarantee that will last for years
  • The slim fit features make you feel comfortable while on the move
  • It secures the gun, so it won’t fall but not too tight to draw
  • The loops are purposely designed, so you can complete soft draws when you are sitting and standing
  • The item is lightweight, which adds more comfort


  • Made to follow the contour of the body
  • Tension can be adjusted through the tension screw
  • Mold injection features were used to secure the weapon in place
  • It allows smooth and easy draws even when you are sitting
  • It is made in Kydex


  • The gun prints a little bit at the holster
  • It takes time to master how to put it on and off

BLACKHAWK! Serpa Level 3

BLACKHAWK! Serpa Level 3

 Sales Discontinued 

Although this holster is not really suited for concealed carry we couldn’t leave it off the list. It’s made of a flexible material to provide a breathable and comfortable use. The pivot guard can be activated by using the thumb.

This Beretta 92a1 holster provides secure but easy to draw access to the gun. This holster for Beretta 92a1 also has serpa auto lock release. It has an adjustment screw for a perfect fit.

Other features this holster has:

  • The holster comes with an audible click for safety purposes, so the wearer will know that the gun was successful fitted
  • This holster has speed cut design
  • It comes with an auto lock feature
  • The belt loop is included


  • The leg straps are high quality
  • This Beretta 92a1 holster is flexible, and can be easily secured around the legs
  • Has a system that helps in keeping the weight of the gun spread evenly
  • The retention is adjustable
  • Easy and safe to draw


  • It’s not for concealed carry
  • The holster is a bit uncomfortable when sitting
  • It can be a bit tricky when you get it on and off

Editor’s Choice for a Beretta 92A1 Holster 

What is the best holster for Beretta 92A1?

When buying for Beretta 92a1 holster, general considerations should also be noted. Whether it’s Beretta 92a1 IWB holster or Beretta 92a1 OWB holster, the ease of use, as well as the holster’s ability to conceal the gun and secure it in place are of the top priority.

In addition, positive feedback reviews from customers are good indication that the holster serves its purpose. With these, the Desantis Thumb Break Scabbard Holster fits the Beretta 92-A1 and is the most recommended one when Beretta 92a1 is the gun in use.


When out in the public or out hunting in the forest, most people prefer to have a backup weapon in case of emergency.However, they do not want to make people around them startled at the sight of a weapon. In this case, concealed carry holsters are used by numerous gun owners to hide their handguns from plain sight to avoid unnecessary commotion.

Aside from concealment, you also have to look for holsters that provide easier access when the gun is needed. To sum it all, choosing the concealment for your handgun requires time and effort. Take your time and list the possible best choices you can come up with. Then filter them, work your way until you only have 1 option.

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