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An AK chest rig is a combat kit designed primarily for carrying additional ammo. Made with multiple pouches to hold AK-47 mags, these combat kits can be worn together with plate carriers to keep you armed and well protected.

The best ak chest rig comes with well padded adjustable straps which gives you total control of the kit. These rigs are mostly light weight, tough, flexible and very comfortable giving you a chance to focus on your mission and not your gear.

Ultimate Arms – The Best AK Chest Rig

 Editor’s Choice 

The Ultimate Arms Gear Surplus AK-47 Chest Rig is what we found the best AK 47 chest rig on the market right now.

This chest rig is not only light, but is also designed with heavy duty cotton and canvas materials. According to most customers who have purchased this surplus ak chest rig, the seven pouches are wide enough to fit multiple AK-47 mags, bottles of water and communication devices.

The padded straps are adjustable and easy to setup making them ideal for both slim and heavy bodied users. The pouches are designed with hook and loop closures for easy access of ammo and are stitched with nylon and mil spec webbing for added quality.

This surplus ak chest rig has the capacity to hold 30-40 rounds 5.56 aluminum and plastic magazines without any problems. However, since the plastic mags are a bit longer, you’ll have to adjust the flaps to cover them well.

top ak chest rigsBenefits

  • Light and easy to handle: this surplus ak chest rig is designed with high quality cotton and canvas materials which makes them more durable, light and easy to handle. The pouches are stitched with nylon and mil spec webbing then fitted with hook and loop fasteners for easy access of ammo.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps: one feature that makes this combat kit the best in the market is the padded adjustable straps. This is one feature that determines the difference between a quality chest rig and a knock off. The Ultimate Chinese Military Chest Rig is constructed with quality straps which perfectly fit around your shoulders keeping you comfortable.


  • This ak chest rig features 7 pouches which offers ample space to hold additional ammo.
  • This chest rig is designed with cotton canvas material which makes it light, tough and comfortable to use.
  • This chest rig is 6-8 times cheaper as compared to most standard chest rigs.


  • None found

Final thoughts for the best AK chest rig

best ak chest rig ultimate gearThe Ultimate Chinese Military Chest Rig is the best ak chest rig available in the market. It has been designed with heavy duty cotton and canvas materials which are both lightweight and durable.

The toggle closures on each poach makes it easy to access your ammo while still offering maximum protection of your assets. Although there are some minor drawbacks with this chest rig, the fact that it’s capable of achieving its intended purpose makes it the best in the market.

Having been welcomed with a remarkable 4.5/5 star rating from 63 verified customers, the Ultimate Chinese Military Chest Rig is the best combat kit to consider for both military and personal use.

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