Best Ruger LCP Holster

For personal safety and security, it has become common for people to have defense weapons, such as the Ruger Lightweight Compact Pistol (LCP), designed to be easy enough to carry, conceal, and even draw when time calls for action.

The said pistol is also designed to fit a lot of Ruger LCP Holster for the it to be hidden in plain sight, while being attached to your body. If you have decided to have your own pistol for personal use, acquire a licensed Ruger LCP, and decide on what holster to purchase. Typically, your Ruger LCP Holster will depend on how you want to conceal it.

5 of the Best Holsters for Ruger LCP

DeSantis Summer Heat

For: Keltec P3AT, Ruger LCP, and S and W J frames

 Editor’s Choice 

desantis summer heatDeSantis Summer Heat LCP/P3AT Right Hand Tan is made from premium saddle leather, and is for right hand use.

To secure it on your belt, the Summer Heat uses spring clip that is powder coated so that it stays in its place inside your pants. For easier re-holster, the top part has been strengthened, and its contours are carefully designed for it to be able to hold the pistol in place.

At the first use, the holster will feel very tight but as you use it, it will stretch a bit, but not to the point where it is too loose to hold the weapon.

If you are not wearing a belt, there is no need to worry as this holster made by DeSantis has a clip that is very strong it can hold on the top of your jeans to maintain your weapon in place. This holster also covers a large part of the weapon’s top.


Pro’s Cons
  • DeSantis Summer Heat LCP/P3AT Right Hand Tan fits the LCP with a lasermax laser.
  • This holster will comfortably hold the weapon in place.
  • The clip can hold on to thick belts of up to 2 inches firmly.
  • This holster will perfectly fit for the LCP Custom.
  • It can also be attached to the appendix position and it will not affect your comfort.
  • The clip is not hinged, so this holster is not applicable if you want to tuck your shirt in while you are carrying it.
  • More to that, it is only applicable to right hand use.


Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

For: Ruger LCP 380 (Non-Laser Only)

concealment express kydex holsterConcealment Express –  Made in USA 

The adjustable Cant & Retention holster, is sold by Concealment Express. It is an inside the Waistband holster (IWB).

Since it is placed inside the waist band, this holster has an integrated full sweat shield, with a lock mechanism that lets you know if it properly seals by giving an audible clicking sound.

This holster is very comfortable, and it actually lets you adjust the retention pressure inside so you would not have a difficulty at re-holstering. In addition, you can also adjust its carry angle for up to 15 degrees. At the first use, its edges could feel a little sharp, but it can be resolved by using sand paper for about a minute or two. But once you get used to it, you would hardly realize that you are still wearing it!


Pro’s Cons
  • Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster is also a good fit for the Ruger LCP Custom.
  • The tension is adjustable so if you think you are going to scratch your LCP, you can loosen it a bit but not to the point where it would fall off.
  • In addition, the fit of this holster is just right; no movement of parts will happen so scratching is actually not a thing here.
  • This holster is not a good fit for RUGER LCP II, pt-840 40 caliber, as well as for Taurus TCP.
  • In addition, the clips on this holster cannot be adjusted so if it is on the right side, it will stay there. Same goes for the left side.
  • Also, this holster is not that recommended to be used close to the stomach, for it is better to conceal in the hip area.


Ruger LCP Pocket Holster 

For: 22-25 Autos, Small 380 Autos, Kel Tec, Ruger LCP

pocket holster for ruger lcpSold by Ultimate Paintball is  made in USA  is designed for weapons to be concealed inside the pocket.

Thicker than other holsters, this is useful for wear and tear, as well as in maintaining its rigidity. Perfect for the small weapon that you have, this holster aims to hide the outline of the weapon itself when placed in the pocket.

Its inside contains soft, smooth linings, ensuring that the outer part of your weapon will not be damaged by scratching or the like, which also makes the drawing process easier and faster. On the outside, its tailoring is very strong and rigid. The hold of the holster on the insides of the pocket is very strong that you can draw only the gun when needed.

For added security in concealing, the trigger is inaccessible while the weapon is on the holster. It is also for right hand use.

Pro’s Cons
  • The Ruger LCP Holster for pocket use is also applicable to be carried in a small, controlled purse.
  • In addition, it also fits the Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace well since this holster adapts the shape of the weapon without sacrificing its ability to hold.
  • This holster is not recommended to be concealed in a large part of your purse.


DTOM Combination POCKET/IWB Holster

For: Keltec P32 P3AT, Taurus 738 TCP 380, Ruger LCP 380

dtom combination pocket holsterThis right handed IWB is sold by “Quality Products” at an affordable price. This holster can be regarded as the combination of in the waist band (IWB) holster and the pocket holster.

The outer pad of this holster is very sturdy because it is made from nylon, making it a rigid, and durable holster. On the other hand, its inside is lined smoothly to avoid the exterior of the weapon to be scratched by rough surfaces in contact.

Inside smoothness also enables the easy and fast drawing of the weapon. When used as a pocket holster, the foam inside the DTOM Combination POCKET/IWB Holster enables the weapon to hide its outline for better concealment. Left hand mode is available.

Pro’s Cons
  • DTOM Combination POCKET/IWB Holster also fits for the Ruger LCP Custom very well, as well as Taurus .380.
  • You can wear this holster on the right side or on the left side, as the clip can be removed for you to be able to switch places if the needs arise.
  • You cannot tuck your shirt between the clip and the body of the holster, because the clip is strongly attached to the holster itself.
  • In addition, this holster is not a good fit for Ruger LCP 380 with laser, as the weapon is very bulky in the part of the barrel.
  • Kimber Pepperblaster II can’t also be hold because the holster is smaller than the barrel part of the said model.


Holster for Ruger LCP pistol

For: LCP & LCP II without Laser Holster – Inside Pants or Belt Wear

pocket holster from federal holsterworksSold by holsterman, they have produced a holster that includes belt loops that can be used for both hands. This is made possible by the movable metal belt hook on the belt loop. This holster also has a container for a spare magazine, which somehow makes it bulkier.

Its exterior is made from nylon, giving it a strong tailoring for maximum rigidity. The inside is smooth to prevent abrasion of the weapon’s outer parts, as well as to provide easier and faster drawing process.

Once in place, you can be sure that it will secure your weapon inside. You can use it even if you have a physical activity involving a lot of movements.

Pro’s Cons
  • Holster for Ruger LCP pistol is able to hold the LCP even if the laser sight is connected to the weapon body.
  • This holster can also fit for Ruger LCP .380, as well as for the Ruger LCP II just fine.
  • This holster is not a perfect fit for the Ruger LCP 9mm, or the LC9 since the said model is larger compared with the holster.
  • In addition, it can’t hold the Taurus Curve.



By comparing the listed holsters with varying firearm of fit as well as in use, DeSantis Summer Heat LCP/P3AT is recommended to be used since it is very simple to use. Its clip has a very strong grip either on your belt or on your jeans, whichever you prefer. It is made from premium materials making it perfectly tailored for your use. Its way of concealment is also very effective since you will be hiding the holster containing your firearm inside your pants, removing all the worries you might have had if you use the other holsters to conceal your weapon.

Concealing your weapon for self defense or for other use is very important since you definitely would not like someone to put you through a lot of questions in line with the fact that you are carrying a weapon with you. In this case, the weapon used is a firearm, known to be a very dangerous equipment if not used safely.

To conceal the said weapon, holsters are used, and they have been proven to be very helpful in concealing your gun if you have it with you.

You can choose a lot of holsters depending on either how you would want to carry it (inside the waistband, inside the pants, or in the pocket) or what the type of your firearm is (Ruger LCP holster for Ruger pistols). The Ruger LCP has been featured here since it is lightweight without sacrificing its quality, and a lot of people has considered buying it and giving it a good review.

The Ruger LCP has been made for the use not only of the police as a small backup gun, but also of ordinary people as a form of defense weapon. It doesn’t give you less of a gun despite its size, and it boasts for its compactness and its design that is well tailored to fit a lot of holsters, aside from the Ruger LCP Holster itself.

Its construction is made from high quality materials such as glass-filled nylon grip frame, strong enough to hold the internal parts in their proper places. The grip is carefully made to ensure that you will have the perfect grip of the gun, which is actually very crucial when you needed to draw it from its holster should the need arise.

Different models for different uses and preference, the Ruger LCP also comes in many forms and colors, giving you no chance to have no choice when you plan to purchase it. Just remember that if you plan on carrying your firearm with you, you have to be sure that it is licensed to avoid charges against you.

Moreover, you can hide your firearm from plain sight, but you do not have to sacrifice your comfort as there are a lot of holsters to help you in carrying your firearm, no matter where you intend to attach it on your body. Specify what you need and you will surely find a lot of choices for that.

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