Best Scope Rings for Remington 700

Shooting becomes accurate and enjoyable when you have the right rifle that helps you target accurately. The Remington 700 is no doubt a classy rifle and is popular for its amazing shooting attributes. In fact, it’s used by law enforcement personnel and even the military because of its durability, convenience, and reliability. Now imagine how it performs if you get good scope rings! Well, if you have been brainstorming how you can get the best scope rings for Remington 700, then you’ve landed home. This article gives you all the information you need including pros and cons for three products that you can consider.

3 of the Best Scope Rings for Remington 700 Reviewed

Leupold Standard 2-Piece Ring & Base Set

Leupold has always stood the test of time to be a unique brand known for top quality products. It’s, therefore, awesome to give priority to this brand when looking for Remington 700 scope base. The Standard 2-Piece Ring & Base Set is specially designed to provide a nice platform.  In fact, the base provides maximum access to the breech area and bolt handle for interference-free servicing as well as ejection.

If you often use your rifle for tough jobs, then this is what you need to consider. Its platform keeps scopes zeroed no matter how long it’s put to use. Aside from that, when it comes to action, they fit both the right and left handed actions. Moreover, it accepts dovetailed rings in its front base slot while the rare base has a slot for accepting rings that have flat undersides. Indeed, it’s worth trying. Its amazing features and many pros make it a perfect choice. Here we go:


  • Perfectly fits and works well with Remington 700 bolt action rifles
  • Has two-piece base type with a diameter of 1”
  • Medium sized with a height of 77” from the center scope to the top of base
  • Matte black finish and machined steel construction
  • Has bolt fastened rear and twist-lock front base mounting system


  • Installed easily and is highly reliable
  • Fine quality and solidly made
  • It’s the best fit for any type of rifle
  • Holds scope tightly and securely


  • Might in some instances require the help of a specialist to make it fit the Leupold scope

Remington 700 Integral Scope Mounts

If you need rust-resistant scope rings, then Remington 700 Integral Scope Mounts Rifle fits 1-Inch Silver Tube (Medium) can be a perfect choice for you. Made from quality steel and coated with a matte finish, this product is a nice one that will last long when it’s used well. It also has strong design and the base and the lower ring come in black & silver. It fits and works well with all model 700 rifles. Take a look at its features and pros then find out if it meets the specifics of what you’ve always wanted to have for Remington scope mounts.


  • Z-2 construction that makes it 50% stronger than aluminum
  • Has awesome design attached by top-notch 8TORx grade tactical
  • It’s lightweight and sturdy making it look great
  • Front and back mounts


  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight and pretty easy to install
  • Fits and works great with all Remington 700 models
  • Mounts and screws align perfectly
  • Fits perfectly and looks great
  • Great rings and mounts all in one
  • Solid construction


  • It’s widely known in California to have carcinogenic chemicals

DNZ Remington 700 Tactical

Made in the U.S.A, DNZ Remington 700 Tactical Long Action Medium Mount Rail (Black, 30mm) is a perfect Remington 700 rail that’s specially designed for extreme accuracy. In fact, it’s the best if you need something that will enhance your precision. Aside from that, this mount rail has no moving parts in between the scope and the firearm. That means you won’t need to have any special tool to install it. It’s simple and fast to install it. When it comes to function and performance, it performs the job of both base and rings in one piece which eliminates the problem of inaccuracy. Indeed, it’s one of those products worth acquiring for your rifle.


  • Has a great finish and appears nice
  • It’s a lightweight one-piece perfect for your backcountry rifle
  • Quality mount made in the U.S
  • Its construction feels nice, and the hardware is of good quality
  • Its unique design offers a long engagement with screws unlike the threads on cheap rings


  • Comes with everything needed
  • Bolts flawlessly to the gun
  • Installation is easy
  • Flashy
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Nice one for Remington models


  • Light might come through the rear base if the screws are not torqued down


Remington scope rings aren’t things you can see displayed for sale and you just walk in and buy or order online. You need to understand the art of narrowing down to the best ones. As a general rule, you need to consider a couple of things before deciding to give a try to any of these products.

Checking the features and the pros/cons hurriedly isn’t the best way. There are other things that are of great importance if you want to get the best scope rings for Remington 700. What do you usually check? Well, you need to consider the ease of installation, durability, material used and accuracy especially if you are a long distance hunter.

You might have heard one or two things about scope rings from friends, but as a careful shopper, it would be great to do your homework right before making an order.

In conclusion, you must make sure that you get what’s right for your rifle. You need what works best for your situation and nothing else. From the above reviews, you now know what it takes to get the best scope rings for Remington 700. If you observe the guide carefully, you’ll definitely get it right. It’s neither simple nor hard. You just need facts and deep knowledge when making your decision to get scope rings.

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