Best Scopes for AK47

kalashnikov best scopes for ak47Searching for the best scopes for AK47 is not easy.

In fact, as a hunter, the type of scope you have determines whether or not you’ll be able to come home as a winner or a loser.

If you would like to improve your hunting skills, so you do not waste time and fail in your hunting mission, then you’ve got to invest in the best AK scope.

You, however, have to do your homework right before you hit the road looking for a scope. A good AK scope should be:

  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Help you to improve the performance of your rifle

This article offers you’re a unique perspective about scopes and why you need an good one. It guides you through four best scopes for AK47 you can consider for your rifle. Here we go:

Best Scopes for AK47

UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope

 Editor’s Choice 

best scope for ak47 is the UTG 3-9X32

UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings is a unique scope that’s designed specially to meet your shooting needs.

It’s completely sealed hence explaining why it’s rain and fog proof.

In fact, it’s also shockproof making it safe and highly reliable for shooting in different environmental or weather conditions.

Aside from that, it’s green and dual red illumination makes it a no-brainer scope. Indeed, it’s an excellent one, and you have all the awesome reasons to use this scope on AK 47.


  • UTG bugbuster scope aoIt’s completely sealed and filled with nitrogen making it shockproof, rainproof and fog proof
  • Its unique illumination makes it the most versatile and usable in any shooting environment
  • Has adjustable objective that ranges from 3 yards to infinity
  • Has range estimating Mil-dot reticle to enhance shooting performance
  • Has quick detachable rings
  • It’s built on true strength platform for optimal aiming when shooting


  • Well-built and highly durable
  • Clear optics
  • User-friendly magnificent settings
  • Can withstand the recoil of a spring powered rifle
  • Compact and lightweight


  • None found

Bushnell AK Optics 1-4x24mm 

bushnell ak optics for kalashnikovBuilt to address a wide array of AK scope mount issues, the Bushnell AK Optics 1-4x24mm Riflescope with Illuminated Kalashnikov Reticle, can adapt to any setting.

It highlights the target with illuminated BDC rifle that has special calibration for your AK-47.

Besides that, the reticle provides ballistic drop points to 500yards hence making target acquisitions easy.

Finally, its eight brightness level is highly versatile and can adapt to any setting anywhere and at any time.


  • It has a 7” mounting length making it the best AK scope mount
  • Has rugged one-piece aircraft durable aluminum tube
  • Has 3.5-inch eye relief
  • Has 1-4X magnification and illuminated BDC reticle


  • Sharp and clear glass
  • Great scope
  • Heavy and well made
  • Can manipulate magnification
  • Improves AK-47’s performance


  • Though on rare occasions, one may experience a problem using it with both eyes open

Pinty 2.5-10×40 AOEG 

pinty ak47 riflescope illuminatedThe Pinty 2.5-10×40 AOEG Red Green Illuminated Mil-dot Tactical Rifle Scope with Red Laser is a great scope with amazing versatility.

Its solid aluminum alloy construction makes it durable.

Moreover, it has a multicoated green objective lens for a higher transmission of light for clarity and top performance.

Indeed, it’s a good scope based on its specs, and you can trust it to make shooting more enjoyable and accurate.


  • O-ring sealed for water/fog proof performance
  • 5 brightness levels for hassle-free performance in all environments
  • 2.5-10X Magnification with 40mm objective and great filed view
  • Has secure and very quick attachment to all weaver rails
  • Laser power of 2mW
  • Has Mil-dot reticle type
  • Has an objective diameter of 40mm


  • An easy to mount and use scope
  • Powerful and lightweight
  • Reticle remains clear even when the battery dies
  • Outstanding sight range for a sharp shoot
  • Excellent light-up reticle


  • May not be the best for distance shootings especially those that are several hundreds of yards away.

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic

aimpoint pro ak47 scopeWith a unique design, Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic is, indeed, a refined product made to handle the modern day challenges faced by hunters and law enforcers.

It comes with a ready to go kit. Once you acquire it, there’s no need to struggle with assembling and switches before use.

Besides that, its strong housing makes it durable and highly reliable.

It also has unique and special features that make it usable with a wide range of night vision devices.


  • Hard housing made of anodized aluminum
  • Rugged enough for use in real hunting situations and waterproof
  • Has front and rear flip covers to keep lenses clean
  • Always on hence there’s no need to fumble with switches before use
  • It has service dates as well as battery change reminders that make maintenance easy for by the user
  • 2-minute angle red dot for accurate targeting in all distances


  • aimpoint pro is problably the best ak47 scope out thereQuality optic features
  • Enhanced speed
  • Recessed lens to prevent impact damage
  • Allows use even with both eyes open
  • Maintenance is easy
  • It’s easy to adjust


  • Premature draining and battery issues may occur after several months of use

Recommended Scope for AK47

If you are planning to invest in scope, you need to take your time to weigh all the different options you have at your disposal.

You should get a product that will last for many years and also improve the performance of your AK-47.

From the information provided above, you can be able to narrow down to the best AK47 scope that you’ll buy. You need to consider the features, reliability, durability and do not forget your budget though you might have to spend more if you want an excellent scope.

Also, consider what buyers have to say about the different scopes. Some people have already used them, and they, therefore, know what’s good and bad with them.

 A good scope makes shooting enjoyable, accurate and safe. That’s exactly what you get with UTG BugBuster Scope. Give it a try and see the amazing difference it creates.With it, shooting will be enjoyable and always accurate! 


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