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inner thigh holsterThere have been lots of ways to carry a weapon. These ways are not just limited to soldiers and police, for there are many civilians who want to have a weapon in case of emergency. In this area, holsters have been proved to be of significant help in securing weapons, specifically guns, attached to the body. One type of holster is the inner thigh holster or the drop holster, which is fastened around the thigh inside the dress or skirt.

The weapon can then be easily drawn when the circumstance asks for it. To compare some of concealed carry holsters for women that are available to the public, this article presents the descriptions of inner thigh holsters, as well as some of the pros and cons of using them.

Review of the Top 3 Inner Thigh Holsters

Bulldog Cases Concealed Thigh Holster 

Bulldog Cases Concealed Thigh HolsterThis thigh gun holster is made with the stretch lace material, and this has silicone “grip top” which helps avoid the downward movement or slipping of the holster from its position. The design of the thigh gun holster has four matching garters, and is also made for light gun. It can be attached to the underwear to have it secure in place. Aside from guns, this leg holster can also carry other things such as ID cards, money, and cellphones. The available sizes are as follows:

  • Small               17″ – 18″
  • Medium           19”-21”
  • Large               22”-23”
  • X-Large           24”-27”
 (Item is not available anymore) 


  • This drop holster can also hold a small knife
  • Can also carry a wallet or a smartphone
  • Can also be used to hide ID cards and some cash
  • Can be used while dancing 😉


  • The weapon slides down due to a hole at the holster’s end
  • The weight of the gun can make the holster go down

Gals with Guns Inner Thigh Holster 

Gals with Guns inner Thigh HolsterThis women’s thigh holster is made with 4” elastic with two 1/2″ silicone grips to prevent it from slipping down. There are hooks with Velcro to secure the gun fast and easy around the leg, which also helps in adjusting the holster according to the size of the thigh of the wearer. This concealed carry holsters for women is available in two styles, one is the TINY revolver and the other one is the SMALL SA. It is for right hand draw, and can be worn on either leg. This inner thigh holster comes on the following sizes:

  • Small               19”-21″
  • Medium           21”-23″
  • Large               23”-25″

sizes are as follows:

  • Small               17″ – 18″
  • Medium           19”-21”
  • Large               22”-23”
  • X-Large           24”-27”
 (Item is not available anymore) 


  • Has a grip that does not bulge
  • Can be placed on either leg
  • Can be used for cross draw


  • The fabric of the holster expands, making the gun to fall off the holster
  • Not recommended to be worn while wearing delicate dress

Garter Inner Thigh Holster

Garter inner thigh Holster
Available in different colors
 Editor’s Choice 

This leg holster is specifically designed for women, and is patterned with the women’s curves and figure to avoid sliding off its place. This women’s thigh holster is made from Non-Slip Tacti-Grip material, making the holster secure in the place where you want it to be.

Color: Classic Black Accents

  • Medium           20”-22”,
  • Large               23”-25”,
  • X-Large           26”-28”,

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  • Can be used to carry 2 guns and an extra magazine
  • Comfortable when worn while wearing a skirt or dress
  • Can be worn on either leg, and can be drawn using either hand
  • There is a garter belt to help secure the holster tightly in place
  • Ideal for guns 6.5″ and below
  • Can be adjusted to fit on thigh


  • Over tightening the holster can make the leg “fall asleep”


Skirt Holster by Crotch Pocket Brand

Although it’s not really an inner thigh holster we have included it in this review because of it’s good reviews and it’s good price point.

best inner thigh holsterThis concealed carry holster for women is made with a soft material with a removable waist garter strap. It helps make the inner thigh holster secure in place, and it prevents the holster from moving down the thigh.

Unlike other holster, this drop holster does not just depend on the tightness of fit to have it secure in place for it has a garter strap that can be fastened on the waist. You can wear it below most dresses. This thigh gun holster can also be worn on either leg, and can be positioned at the back, inside, or at the side of the thigh.

 (Item is not available anymore) 


  • Stays up in place
  • Feels comfortable and secure, making one forget it’s even there
  • There is a size that almost fits all other sizes, because the holster is adjustable
  • Cheap in terms of price


  • The gun magazine can’t be placed since there is no available room for it
  • The Velcro can still be modified to facilitate easier access

Editor’s Choice

garter inner thigh holsterBy comparing all the inner thigh holsters, it is important to note the one which provides comfortable wear, has a price that is not very much, and one that does not slide all the way down during critical situations.

In addition, leg holsters should have no unclear sizing so that customers could easily select which type they would buy for their weapon, because improper sizing would make the holster unfit, making it either too loose or too tight to be worn.

With all these considerations, the Garter holster is the most recommended one as it is cheap in price and it has a different seizes customers thereby preventing confusion. In addition, this women’s thigh holster feels very comfortable to wear that it almost feels like it’s not even there, based on our and many customer reviews.

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