What is a kydex holster?

a kydex holster
a kydex holster

When studying about holsters, one of the materials you’ll learn about is a kydex. Unlike most other materials used in making holsters, kydex is regarded as the best fabric due to its toughness, strength, rigidity and flexibility. This composite material is usually made from acrylic-polyvinyl chloride to make it tough, versatile and highly resistant to wear and tear. the mix of acrylic and PVC  materials in this fabric are the reason why kydex is rigid, tough, stylish and soft when placed next to your skin (in the case of a holster).

Kydex was first produced back in 1965 by a Philadelphia based manufacturer for making interior parts of a plane. From the 1960s, this special material gained recognition from major companies and was used for making pouches through heating the sheets then manipulating them to any shapes of your choice. From 1997, more companies joined the race and since then, Kydex has widely used for making custom holsters for guns, axes, knives and other tools.

How to make a gun holster from Kydex

Now that you know what Kydex really is and how its used, we will now give you a simple DIY procedure on how to make a simplified gun holster enough to hold your firearm.

Among the tools and materials you’ll require for this procedure include; a sharp razor, oven, a flat stiff object, drill and kydex sheet.

  • Step one: the first step is preparing your tools for the procedure. To begin, measure the kydex sheet you’ll be using by placing your gun on top. Cut it gently using a razor/scalpel and ensure that it overlaps so as to provide the right size enough to cover your entire gun including the trigger.
  • Step two: after cutting the right size of kydex sheet you’ll need for your procedure, preheat your oven to temperatures of about 280 degrees Celsius before placing the kydex sheet inside for 3 minutes. Remove the sheet from the oven when its uber soft then place it gently on top of your firearm. Use a hard object to press the top of the sheet for about 2 minutes then check how it came out. The sheet should come out with a shape similar to the gun.
  • Step three: finally, use a scalpel or a razor to trim the edges of the kydex sheet to give your holster a shape. Stitch the pieces together then cut a small opening where the holster will be held tightly by your belt.

Advantages of using kydex over other fabrics

Kydex is a versatile fabric that comes with many benefits over most other fabrics such as plastic and leather. Among the advantages of kydex over other fabrics include;

  • Flexibility—although leather is known to be classier, its usually thick making it hard to make a custom made holster. On the other hand, kydex is thin and more flexible thus making it very easy to make a DIY holster for your handgun, axe or tactical knife.
  • Affordable—unlike most other fabrics used for making heavy-duty hosters, kydex is among the most affordable making it the perfect alternative for most holster manufacturers.
  • Very light—another benefit of kydex over other fabrics is the weight. You see, one feature of a quality holster is that it must be light enough to make it easier for you to draw your gun without facing any interference.


Finally as we conclude, let me say that kydex is among the most versatile fabrics used for making heavy-duty holsters perfect for conceal carry. This fabric is very light as compared to leather, easy to wash in case of dirt and its highly waterproof meaning it doesn’t allow water to penetrate through. Available at an affordable price, kydex is among the best fabrics to consider when making any holster of your choice.

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