XD Mod 2 9mm Holsters – Top 5

For certain operations that require the use of firearms as a form of protection and defense, most especially in most security agencies, it is no understatement that having the best weapon holster can go a great deal to determine the safety of its user.

1. Alien Gear Multi Holsters

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best XD Mod 2 9mm Holster

The IWB Multi holster is an adjustable and easy to clip xd mod 2.9mm holster that fits perfectly on belts and waist bands. It is perfectly constructed to hold guns without adding an extra bulk or weight thus making it suitable for most covert operations.

  • The manufacturer offers lifetime rentention shell in case if you change your pistol model.
  • The black carbon fibre colored holster has adjustable screws that allows for easy tightening or loosening to a preferred tension, with a FOMI clip to hold it securely on the belt.
  • Another feature of the Xd mod 2 kydex holster is its body shield that offers the gun protection from body sweat and makes it easy to reholster the gun when not needed.
  • There is a click sound each time the gun is reholstered, which is an indication that it has been rightly placed in its shield.
  • The Cant draw can also be adjusted to a 15 or 0 degree angle with the fomi clip depending on user’s choice.
  • Multi holsters are constructed to be sturdy and durable, and can serve as a perfect gun shield for every law enforcement agent at an affordable price
  • It is reliable t as an xd mod 2 9mm holster for nost covert operations.


  • It offers flexibility
  • It is adjustable to suit user’s preference
  • It fits perfectly on belts without frequent adjustment that can give its user away
  • It is not bulky and allows for easy movement
  • Gun can be easily drawn from the holster and reholstered a quickly as possible


  • Quite expensive
  • Recommendation

2. Sub Compact IWB Hybrid Holster 

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A striking feature of this very springfield xd mod 2 9mm holster is its adjustability which allows its user to tune to his exact preference the retention, cant and also the ride height. Nothing could be more comfortable than that.

  • It can be conveniently used while working or driving as the holster clips firmly in place without repositioning the gun.
  • Its advanced VS backer is also constructed with longlasting materials that consists of a durable leather face, a polymer stiffening insert and a soft suede backing- durable combination of materials joined together by a more durable kevlar stitching to give a long lasting holster build.
  • The material combination works perfectly to shield the gun from sweat or retained moisture from heavy perspiration.
  • The ACE-1 springfield xd 2 9mm holster has a curve design that gives it a round outline rather than the usual flattened holster shape, while it is most suitable for right handed shooters when worn or fitted at a 3-5o’clock positions on belts or waistbands.


  • The polymer stiffner can be bent and controlled in whatever direction it is needed for great comfortability
  • It is also highly flexible, making it ine of the best to use on field and other operations
  • The material is impermeable to moisture, which easily prevents weapon corrosion
  • The holster fits perfectly to bring your pistol grip closer to the body for better concealment
  • It is practically invisible when worn under large shirts or tops.


  • It is a little expensive
  • Leather seems flimsy
  • Metal clips tend to come loose repeatedly

3. Concealment Express IWB 

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The xd mod 2 9mm holster is a very lightweight and compact weapon shield suitable for everyday use without giving any slight discomfort. It is usually worn inside waistbands and easily concealed no matter how dressed one is.

  • The holster is not too bulky and its lightweight makes it easy to be worn throughout the day without feeling the extra weight.
  • It is hand molded and can be adjusted to suit user’s preference and purposes.
  • It is an ideal xd mod 2 kydex holster with a  retention pressure and carry angle that can be easily adjusted to as much as 0-15 degrees.
  • This holster offers an easy and convenient removal and reholstering of weapon.
  • it also features an audible Posi-click lock once the gun is reholstered. It is also sweat proof and has a lifetime warranty offer.


  • It is a very light weight holster.
  • The xd mod 2 9mm holster is flexible and adjustable to a convenient choice
  • Clip allows it to stay in place for as long as it is used
  • It is simply built without much bulk
  • Easy to conceal and comfortable to use


  • It can be revealing under tight and fitted clothes
  • Sharp edges might need to be smoothened out
  • Recommendations

4. Springfield Armory Paddle Holster

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The springfield xd mod 2 9mm holster is just one right weapon shield you might need in your arsenal. Made from polymer, the black matte right handed holster is very compatible with all types of springfield xd pistols.

  • This holster is comfortable, adjustable and flexible. The item is lightweight which means it doesn’t add extra weight when you have it with you.
  • It clips comfortably on the belt or waist band to securely hold your weapon in place without any need for constant re-adjustment.
  • It has adjustable screws that allows one to get the desired fit for all-day comfort and concealment needed in a holster.
  • The xd mod 2 holster owb feels so practical and fitting and one of the best one can get for its price.


  • It fits nicely and comfortably
  • It is adjustable and flexible to use
  • Clicks securely into place
  • Has a forward rotation that allows weapon to be drawn easily


  • It is a bit pricey but worth its cost
  • Has sharp bottom edges and draw tnds to scratch the pistol barrel
  • Recommendation
  • Highly recommended for daily use and most covert operations.
  • Recommendations

5. Multi Holsters 

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The Alien gear xd mod 2 9mm holster is a perfect companion for every field or covert operation and built with exclusive features that makes it one of the most sought after xd mod.2 leather holsters. It is made in America and constructed with neoprene backpad.

  • A reliable holster for everyone with a licence to carry guns but most especially for covert agents and detectives that requires a high level of concealment on the field.
  • The xd mod 2 9mm holster does so well to conceal weapons where concealment is a priority without leaving any mark or traces.
  • The product has backpad which is a water proofed material that shields weapons from sweat thus preventing corrosion.
  • It has an adjustable carrying angle, retention and ride height to suit user’s preference.
  • It does not require any break-in period and can be conveniently used immediately after purchase.


  • It is solidly built but very flexible to use
  • It is comfortable and secure
  • It can be adjusted to user’s convenience
  • It is an IWB holster
  • It is form fitting and requires no break-in time
  • Has a lifetime warranty and 30 days trial period


  • Screws fitting tend to loosen easily.


Do they offer retention shell in case I change my pistol model over time?

The answer to this question boils down to, it kinda depends. Some manufacturers offer this feature and some do not. If you have plans to swap or change your handgun model in the near future, then looking for this feature is extremely important. Look for a product that would send you a corresponding shell for any new type of handgun you own should be easy, just check the holster’s description and you’ll be fine.


Gun holster is extremely important because some pistol can’t be kept in the pocket no matter how spacious it is. Holster are always the best for such situations and they can be easily clipped on belts or waist bands without giving as much as an inconvenience.

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